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Action Photography

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I offer on-the-field, action photography services for a variety of sports.  My style and skills are unique in that I utilize photo-journalistic expertise  along with  creative energy and  a keen eye to capture what it is that you love about the game. It is my hope that the photos I take of you or your child on the field will forever represent the passion and heart that gets put into every game.

I offer varying packages depending on the event. One caters toward the individual customer and the other caters toward a group on the same team ordering a package together. Packages are normally priced in the $60 range.

This will include 12+ on the field photos of the player. For this price, the player will be mailed a photo CD of images, along with a print release to print at the retailer at their choice. The photo CD will be mailed out within two weeks of the event, edited and in high-resolution.

The group package is offered at a slightly lower price point per player with a minimum of 2 participants and a maximum of 5 players participating. Each player will be mailed their own CD of images and print release. This package is an advantage to customers from the same team as it allows for a lower price point.

If a player does not play for some reason or I am unable to get the number or quality of images that I expect, I will refund that players check or money.

Please email me at or call at 920-210-3453 to reserve your action photography at your next game or tournament 🙂


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